The ultimate goal of supply chain management is to optimize and maximize customer service at an acceptable level of cost for the organization. Since data forms the primary basis for the control and optimization of supply chains, supply chain management is impossible without an information and communication technology (ICT) landscape.

The complexity of that ICT landscape can range from the use of various stand-alone applications, such as Excel for processing data and structuring the S&OP process, to complete ERP systems integrated with specialized and advanced S&OP tooling such as by Solventure.

Your organization’s ICT landscape must be aligned with your company’s level of supply chain maturity and your strategic ambitions. In the BLMC Supply Chain Scan, we assess your ICT landscape and make recommendations.

We have developed various ICT tools:

  • S&OP Scan – assesses the degree of maturity of your sales & operations planning, based on Gartner’s maturity model.
  • S&OP Optimization Tool – for companies in phases one to three of maturity based on the Gartner model.
  • Supply Chain Scans – to measure the degree of supply chain maturity and define the potential for improvement.

Supply Chain Data Analysis Consultant: Niek Bloemendaal

“In supply chain management, data analysis is essential at strategic, tactical and operational level. The need for data is increasing all the time in our ever-changing world. The efficient generation of data and the utilization of effective and advanced analysis methods is a recurring process that will continue to grow in importance. The right analysis at the right time provides the foundation for sound decisions,” explains Niek.

Solventure S&OP tooling & analytics

BLMC is co-owner of Solventure S&OP tooling & analytics. In the Netherlands, Solventure offers a broad range of solutions for sales & operations planning (S&OP) which are available based on two different approaches:

  • Analytics as a service: transformation of your operational data into valuable forecasting & planning information – from a basic report to advanced research. This includes use of the Arkieva platform, which requires no upfront investment on your part; you pay for the service only and can get started immediately.
  • An S&OP solution that is fully integrated in your organization: tailor-made configuration in line with your operational processes. This is based on the use of Arkieva’s state-of-the art S&OP tooling, which we connect to your existing systems (e.g. ERP system) if necessary. We actively involve the users in our step-by-step implementation process.