Do you want to define a supply chain strategy? Are you keen to design a strategy that actually works? Or do you need to adapt your supply chain in line with the changing market? At BLMC, we have all the necessary knowledge and experience to adapt and optimize your supply chain. An effective supply chain strategy keeps you a step ahead of your competition.

Designing and optimizing a supply chain strategy

The supply chain is a succession of links or steps that form a virtual chain when connected together. The ultimate output of the interconnected links is a particular product or service to meet a customer need. The movement of that product or service through the chain must be driven by a particular vision or focus, i.e. the business strategy.

Most managers and directors have been raised on the Treacy & Wiersma model, which numerous companies have used as the basis for formulating their vision and focus: should they choose product leadership, operational excellence or customer intimacy?

Today, competition no longer takes place between companies but rather between supply chains. To compete at that level, it is necessary to define a strategy for each supply chain, and BLMC knows just how to do that. After all, each supply chain serves a specific market. Based on the business strategy, guiding factors that will be used to manage the supply chain are determined for each product-market combination. Defining guiding factors for each chain ultimately ensures that all departments within an organization work well together. This forms the basis for collaboration with customers and suppliers.

A methods-based approach to defining a strategy

In order to optimize supply chain management both within and beyond companies, BLMC has developed the Supply Chain Optimization Method by BLMC (SCOMB). The Supply Chain Strategy module forms part of this. A methodical approach ultimately achieves the best results.