Supply chain management makes a bold promise: more satisfied customers and better service at lower costs. Do you want to implement supply chain management to improve your supply chain performance, and are you keen to maintain your competitive edge? Our extensive supply chain analysis gives clear insights and reveals the potential for improving your supply chain

What does supply chain analysis entail?

Supply chain analysis is a benchmarking tool which we use to assess your supply chain performance in comparison with other supply chains. This analysis then forms the basis for drawing up the supply chain roadmap: a concrete step-by-step plan with a single aim in mind – improving your supply chain performance.

What are the results of the supply chain analysis?

The findings provide a clear insight into both the current situation and the desired situation. The report presents a concrete and specific step-by-step plan that will help to take your organization’s supply chain to the next level. Supply chain analysis is the first module in the Supply Chain Optimization Method by BLMC (SCOMB). In total, the model has nine separate modules with which we can optimize every aspect of your supply chain. The analysis forms the starting point and the basis for each optimization project.

Customer reference

Katun, the world’s biggest supplier of ink for photocopiers, operates in a highly dynamic market. Competition is becoming fiercer all the time and customers are choosing low prices over high quality. The company increasingly realized that its supply chain organization was performing below par. The company asked BLMC to analyse its supply chain in order to identify improvement opportunities

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Free analysis of your supply chain!

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