With close to 20 years of experience, BLMC has been involved in the evolution of supply chain management in the Netherlands from the very start. In our work we use a people-oriented and practical approach. We advise and implement. Our method is based on science and tested in practice. We are independent and have only one interest: to improve your results.


We bring peace and structure in a complex situation. The Supply Chain Optimization Method BLMC (SCOMB) is the result of thorough scientific research, supplemented by years of experience. The steps are clear: analysis, design and implementation.


When Michel van Buren founded BLMC, he did so from the conviction that the human factor should receive more attention within supply chain management. That is why we pay more than average attention to the psychology of behavior, change and leadership. In order for a supply chain to work properly, everyone must be prepared to cooperate – that is to be steered. The Supply Chain Consultants we employ are trained monthly in these topics, including by Prof. Rob Blomme of Nyenrode Business University.


BLMC works with its own team of Senior Supply Chain Consultants and flexible Supply Chain Consultants. In addition, our Interim Management division can temporarily supply professionals for various project components. We know the people we deploy through and through.

The Senior Supply Chain Consultants have at least ten years of relevant experience in the supply chain, have line experience and have technical knowledge, leadership skills and psychological insight. They are trained in the application of the SCOMB method, which is continuously developed with their input.