This module is focused on good alignment and collaboration between everyone in the supply chain. We describe the roles and responsibilities of each member of the chain using the well-known RASCI model, which is derived from the horizontal processes.

Numerous people have to work together in the supply chain and it is important to align their collaboration. The aim is to gain a clear overview of the supply chain processes, making them easy to manage and execute. The RASCI method is a good way of doing this.

We create better alignment between the members of the entire chain, and more clarity about the role of each person in the process. This better alignment encourages teamwork, increases buy-in and customer value and avoids unnecessary work.

RASCI is an acronym of:

  • Responsible: That is the person who is responsible for carrying out a process or activity. He reports to the person who is accountable
  • Accountable: That is the person who is ultimately responsible and approves the result. If necessary, he must be able to have the final say and also has the right to veto.
  • Support: DThat is what the person offers who supports the process or project and who carries out the line activities.
  • Consulted: That is the person who must be asked, who must give their approval or who provides input before a process step. This person has some degree of influence over the result. This entails two-way communication.
  • Informed: That is the person who must be told about the decisions, the progress and the achieved results so that the next step can be taken. This entails one-way communication.

Applying the RASCI method in everyday supply chain practices requires the necessary knowledge and experience. Our supply chain specialists are ideally equipped to help you apply the RASCI model in your supply chain.

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