Do you want to measure the your supply chain output and take targeted corrective action? Are you keen to monitor and continuously optimize your supply chain performance? As a specialist in the implementation of supply chain management both within and between companies, at BLMC we understand the importance of supply chain monitoring better than anyone.

Supply chain monitoring and ICT

A good ICT solution is a crucial basis for monitoring within the organization. However, the landscape of supply chain ICT solutions is huge and very diverse. In theory, it is possible to measure, analyse and optimize literally every aspect of the supply chain, but whether it is wise to do so depends on your resources, the external factors affecting your organization, your internal situation and your corporate ambitions. Therefore, our advice would be ‘think before you act’.


Apart from the specific supply chain analysis tools we provide, at BLMC we are not an ICT vendor and never will be. This is because we want to be able to give our customers independent advice on supply chain monitoring solutions. Therefore, our consultants have all the necessary knowledge and experience to be able to assess which solution is the best fit with your situation.