Are you struggling to achieve alignment and collaboration between the various people involved in the supply chain? Do you lack the relevant techniques to define and optimize your processes?

The professionals at BLMC are specialized in the design and optimization of supply chain, operations and logistics processes.

At BLMC, we work with the RASCI model to get a clearer picture of your processes and the roles and responsibilities of the people involved. The RASCI method creates greater buy-in within the team and increases the customer value.

RASCI matrix for process improvements in supply chain, operations and logistics

The RASCI model for process improvements comprises a matrix showing the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in a project, a process or line activities. The vertical axis of the RASCI matrix shows the names of the people involved or the functional roles, for example, along with the goals, the relevant processes or the activities.

More about RASCI

RASCI is an acronym of:

  • Responsible: the person who is responsible for carrying out a process or activity. He reports to the person who is accountable.
  • Accountable: the person with ultimate responsibility who approves the result. If necessary, he must be able to have the final say and also has the right to veto.
  • Support: the person who supports the process or project and who carries out the line activities.
  • Consulted: the person who must be asked, who must give their approval or who provides input before a process step. This person has some degree of influence over the result. This entails two-way communication.
  • Informed: the person who must be told about the decisions, the progress and the achieved results so that the next step can be taken. This entails one-way communication.

Download the white paper on ‘Improving processes with RASCI’

Are you interested to learn more about the RASCI model? BLMC has published a white paper about how the RASCI method can be used to define and improve processes.

Download RASCI model »